Residential Glass

Horizontal Slider Window


The RHSW-T45 sliding window system is characterized by its European style assembly, 45 degree joints, and its practical and elegant design.

It’s strong aluminum framing and high quality European accessories enhance the style of these doors and windows and elevate the architectural design of your home or office.

The European bearings, removable from their housing and made of ZAMAK stainless steel components of the highest quality, guarantee their operability and durability for 25,000 cycles.

The System that Fits Any Room

Horizontal Slider WIndow


Benefits for Homeowners

  • Low maintenance
  • Integral pull rail
  • Close and lock with one click
  • Strong and leek frame

Product features

· Aluminum 6063 T5
· Guaranteed Seals made of Ethylene Propylene Diene  Rubber (EPDM) gaskets
· Excellent Climate Control thanks to our double Climaflex insulation.
· ZAMAK corner brackets with 45 degree joints.
· Mosquito mesh integration into the design.
· Sloped tracks to facilitate the expulsion of water and debris.
· European closure style with automatic or manual options.
· Key Locks available.